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Standing At Stud: Hooteanny’s Hightailin Blitz.

Blitz is a long awaited and planned for years breeding. Blitz is out  of Hightailn Hootenaany (Anny) & Hightailin Lickety Split (Rudy)

Blitz has been everything planned and hoped for in the highest quality German Shorthaired Pointer of over 30 years of owning, training, observing, judging, and loving this breed of dog. Blitz has all the charisma, and traits bred into this selective line breeding. Blitz has been the very best Shorthair Iv’e ever owned. His breeding comes from highly respected, winning, and favorite dogs both male and female. This well planned breeding line has brought the most stylish dogs around. They point with style and intensity. Their scenting abilities are outstanding. Their body confirmation is always show ring quality with beauty unsurpassed. Blitz hunts a big race and doesn’t slow down. He hunts fast and hard covering a lot of country, with a natural prowess to look for objectives where he finds his birds.

Come and visit, we’ll go out and show you one of the breeds finest studs. He will show you a great performance.


Blitz Breeding Stud Fee: $500.00 “or pick of the litter puppy” Stud dogs owner decision.


.This Stud dog Blitz has been bred for intensity on point. Look at his bristled intense tail. It’s usually strait up but I was taking too long to get this picture, and he let down just a little. Blitz keeps 12:00 tail when on point or in the yard.


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