We train most all breeds of dogs. We specialize in bird dogs. We train for early puppy obedience, and family companion dogs. We train any age after 3 months old. We honor the owners wishes for his/her dog. We have no pricing information listed, because until we know your goals, and what you want, then we don’t know what information to give to you. It’s best to talk on the phone first, and then you can decide if we are the right fit for you and your dog. Honesty is first and foremost policy. Our reputation speaks of that for every dog and client. Lets talk, and together, decide the best route for you and your dog. Sometimes we train at your place. Sometimes at our kennels. Sometimes we meet at a park/ field weekly. We can tailor to your dog’s training program to best meet your needs.

Our bird dog training program is geared towards starting and finishing pointing breed dogs for bird hunting, field trials, and companion dogs. We use natural dog training techniques including, obedience, steady to wing, flush and shot, also force fetch retrieve. In advance of your dog’s arrival to our kennels, we ask that you tell us in writing what specific things you want done with your dog. We will make every attempt to teach those things to your dog. We will work with you to make sure you know how to correctly ask the dog to do those things he/she has been taught.

Beginning Training

Beginning training starts with basic obedience techniques, to first get the dog in a mindset of basic commands, depending on the age and level for you dog. This sometimes is best started at the owner’s place of residence, depending on the individual dog training, starting your young puppy at about 4-6 months. For bird dogs, we introduce your young dog to birds, pointing, whistles, check cords, field commands, and only when ready, the proper introduction to gunfire. This exposure is essential for developing your dog’s natural instincts without corrections, and is designed to educate your pup on how to get the most out of his/ her early training sessions. During this critical stage of development, we lay a solid foundation for a great hunting dog. Once the dog is satisfactorily performing basic commands, we then move into Intermediate training.

Intermediate Training

This program begins with live birds, e-collar conditioning, and handling in and or out of the field, using additional whistle and verbal commands. We will help your dog develop his/her natural pointing instincts. We then teach the dog to hold point for a length of time consistent with common hunting situations. We will use pen raised game birds, pigeons, and wild game birds. We make every attempt to teach the dog to hunt within the owner’s specific desired range. Hunt naturally, and accordingly to the owner’s desires and goals.

Advanced Training

In Advanced Training will teach the dog stop to flush, wing, and shot skills. We will teach the dog to honor another dogs point. We will teach the dog fetching techniques for a polished to the hand retrieve. If the owner is planning to field trial the dog, we will introduce and teach the dog to handle from horseback. Once we have completed all the tasks you desire, we will take you and your dog out into the field and teach you how to correctly ask the dog to perform each individual task. If your dog is going to compete in field trials, we will do so from horseback. We will do our best to assist you and your dog to be on the same page. Many hunters bring us their bird dog for a pre-season tune-up, and conditioning to be ready for the upcoming bird hunting season.




Whether it be Hunting Dog Training or Field Trial Training, your needs can be met here at “To The Point Birdogz”. Call us, let’s set up the perfect program for you and your birdogz needs.